Membership Fees

Indoor Membership

The annual Regular User Fee is £15.00  

Social Bowls session, Monday and Wednesday is £1.50 per afternoon which includes a 2 hour session and refreshments.

League sessions are £1.50 which includes match fee and refreshments.

Outdoor Membership

The outdoor bowlers Green Fee is £30.00

League Matches are £1.00 per match which includes match fee and refreshments.

Indoor and Outdoor Full Membership

The fee is £45.00

Junior Membership

Fees are charged at a reduced rate for both the Regular User and Green fee if playing on the outdoor green.

Associate Membership

The Club is pleased to offer anyone not wishing to play but to come along with spouses, friends, watch, support or help, an opportunity to feel part of the club.

Annual fee is £5 per annum.

Refreshments will be the same as members; 50p for tea/coffee and biscuits.